Ale Bortoni

Pioneering Inclusive Design in Mexico

Ale Bortoni is a force to be reckoned with in the design world, particularly in the realm of inclusive design. As the co-founder of Openn, the first Inclusive Design firm in Mexico, Ale has dedicated her career to creating experiences that are accessible to everyone. Her LinkedIn profile showcases her 8+ years of experience in leading teams and helping world-class companies ideate and launch products that are rooted in real human needs.

Profile Highlights:

  • Current Role: Co-founder of Openn, Mexico's first Inclusive Design firm.
  • Previous Experience: 8+ years of experience leading teams in both corporate and consultancy environments.
  • Design Philosophy: Committed to building inclusive experiences that everyone can enjoy and benefit from. Advocates for designing for diversity across various design disciplines like IxD, SD, UX, CX, and DT.

Ale's visit to Mexico City is an opportunity to delve into the world of inclusive design, a field that is not just about accessibility but also about understanding and catering to the diverse needs of people. Her work is a testament to what can be achieved when design is approached with empathy, inclusivity, and a deep understanding of human needs.

Join us for an enlightening evening with Ale Bortoni, and let's explore how we can make the design world more inclusive, one project at a time.

Design Partner for Early Stage Startups
Patreon, Facebook, Automatic
Design Leader and Artist
YouTube, Facebook, Google
Senior Staff Product Designer
InVision, Spotify, Nike, Samsung, Microsoft