Claudia Gizela Sosa

A Design Visionary Bridging Industries and Disciplines

Claudia Gizela Sosa's career is a fascinating journey through the multifaceted world of design, strategy, and product management. From her early days at ITT&ko to her current role as a Principal Product Manager at Sofía, Claudia has consistently pushed the boundaries of what design can achieve. Her LinkedIn About section reveals a designer who has transitioned from creating physical products to innovating in the realms of finance and healthcare.

Profile Highlights:

  • Current Role: Principal Product Manager and Senior Product Manager at Sofía.
  • Previous Experience:
  • BBVA Bancomer: Head of CX Design and Associate Director of Strategy & Service Design.
  • Funktionell: Innovation Lead and later Chief Operations Officer.
  • Sosa Tech Advisors LLC: Design Researcher.
  • Educational Background: Specialty in Product-System-Service Design from Politecnico di Milano and an Industrial Design degree from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.
  • Design Philosophy: Believes in the power of collaborative intelligence and the cross-pollination of business and design, as mentioned in her Coroflot profile.

Claudia's visit to Mexico City is an opportunity to explore the transformative power of design, to learn from a leader who sees design as a universal problem-solving tool. It's a chance to delve into a design philosophy that is as human-centered as the context it aims to improve.

Join us for a memorable evening with Claudia Gizela Sosa, and let's explore the limitless possibilities of design.

Graphic Designer
Stripe, Samsung
Product Manager & Service Designer
Sofia, BBVA
Senior Staff Product Designer
InVision, Spotify, Nike, Samsung, Microsoft