Mechi Bazán

Breathing Life into Design and Illustration

Mechi Bazán is a Graphic Designer & Illustrator at Stripe, where she combines her love for design with her knack for storytelling. Her LinkedIn profile showcases her professional journey, while her Instagram and Behance accounts offer a colorful window into her creative world. From digital illustrations to physical products, Mechi's work is a celebration of color, form, and emotion.

Profile Highlights:

  • Current Role: Graphic Designer & Illustrator at Stripe.
  • Design Philosophy: Focuses on creating designs that tell a story and evoke emotion.
  • Online Presence: Active on Instagram where she shares her latest works and Etsy where you can purchase her creations.
  • Notable Projects: Her portfolio includes a wide range of projects, from corporate branding to whimsical illustrations.

Mechi's visit to Mexico City is a chance to dive into the world of illustration and graphic design from a fresh and vibrant perspective. Her work is a testament to the power of design as a form of expression and communication.

Join us for a colorful and inspiring evening with Mechi Bazán, and let's explore the limitless possibilities of design and illustration together.

Graphic Designer
Stripe, Samsung
Design Leader and Artist
YouTube, Facebook, Google
Light sleeper, heavy dreamer
Headspace, Spotify, Lyft