Marc Hemeon

A Visionary Designer, Entrepreneur, and Artist

Marc Hemeon's career is a fascinating blend of design leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and artistic expression. From co-founding startups like fflick, which was acquired by YouTube, to leading design initiatives at Facebook AI, Marc's impact on the tech world is profound.

But Marc's journey goes beyond technology. He's an artist, painting the ocean to reflect upon the human condition, as seen on his personal website. He's a family man, a surfer, and a lover of art and sushi, as reflected in his Dribbble profile.

Now, Marc is embarking on a new mission, building a company to help men connect to their authentic selves. It's a venture that speaks to his deep understanding of human nature and his desire to make a positive impact on individual lives. Sign up here to be part of this exciting journey.

Join us for an intimate chat with Marc Hemeon, and be inspired by a designer who not only shapes products but also empowers individuals to discover their true selves.

Profile Highlights:

  • Current Mission: Building a new company focused on helping men connect to their authentic selves. Learn more.
  • Previous Roles:
  • Head of Creative and Digital for Kosas: Leading creative initiatives.
  • Facebook AI: Designing and conceptualizing emerging products and technologies.
  • Founder and CEO of Design Inc.: Connecting companies with designers.
  • Co-founder of North Technologies: Merged with, becoming a leader in luxury mechanical watches.
  • YouTube: Part of the redesign team, leading initiatives including the YouTube Player and YouTube TV.
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures: Co-founded companies like TeeFury and DesignbyHumans.
  • Artistic Pursuits: A passionate painter, focusing on ocean and wave themes.
  • Personal Interests: Enjoys surfing with family and has a love for sushi.

Marc's visit to Mexico City is an opportunity to explore the intersection of design, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. It's a chance to learn from a visionary who has not only shaped the digital landscape but is also dedicated to shaping lives.

Join us for a memorable evening with Marc Hemeon, and let's embark on a journey of creativity, innovation, and self-discovery.

Design Leader and Artist
YouTube, Facebook, Google
Graphic Designer
Stripe, Samsung
Founder Openn Inclusive Design
BBVA, Openn